Gurmat School UK – Today’s Learner…Tomorrow’s Guide


Sikhi Camps & Workshops

Dive into the heart of Sikh teachings organized through regular camps and workshops. We make it fun to learn powerful hymns and prayers, bringing great wisdom to young minds. Join us to light up your heart with the joy of Gurmat!

Kirtan programs

Kirtan events for all ages! Our lessons prepare the little ones into the devotion and love for Kirtan. We explore musical raags and soulful kirtan where your child will love making friends with sacred melodies. Let’s fill their world with the sound of joy!

Naam Jap and Sangat

Step into a world of courage and wisdom with the important of keeping Waheguru in the mind at all times! Naam Japna performed with sangat by remembering the Gurshabad “Vaheguru” and his glories.